Empower™ 3 Software

Empower™ 2 Software
Through a collaboration between Waters Corporation and Shimadzu utilizing the "Open Interface Portal (OIP)" for multi-vendor hardware control, Waters Empower 3 chromatography data software, which features comprehensive data management capabilities, now seamlessly controls Shimadzu's Prominence and LC-2010 series high performance liquid chromatographs through LC Driver Ver.2.0 for Waters Empower™ Software. Shimadzu LC control parameters are set through the instrument method editor integrated in the Empower 3 software. These parameters are stored and handled as standard Empower 3 methods, and are available for inclusion in the reports.

In addition to seamless system control, the detector signal is digitally transmitted to the data system. This eliminates the necessity to add an A/D converter for analogue data acquisition, making system validation easier and more robust. Photodiode array detector 3D data analysis and spectral processing are also available. Furthermore, system status information, such as pump pressures and the column oven temperature, may be monitored and recorded along with chromatograms, making your analytical data even more reliable and easier to validate.

Empower 3 supports the high speed, high resolution liquid chromatography systems with fast gradient control and low peak dispersion in the flow path. Prominence UFLC reduces the run time to one-fifth of a conventional system while keeping equivalent resolution. Prominence UFLCXR significantly increases resolution with 66MPa pressure tolerance.

Advanced configurations such as 2D LC and column switching systems can also be easily and integrally controlled by Empower 3.

*Regulatory Compliance support: If changes are required, all instrument parameters are completely documented in Empower's embedded relational database. The database contains a complete audit trail detailing what changes were made, who made changes, when changes were made and why, giving full confidence in the compliance of the system to regulations such as GxP and 21 CFR Part 11. Now you can leverage electronic signatures to automate your laboratory workflow.
*Scalability: Grow seamlessly from a single workstation to an enterprise-wide system with Empower 3's scalable, modular architecture.

Supported devices

Device type Device name
System controller CBM-20A / CBM-20A lite
Pump LC-20AD / LC-20AT / LC-20AB / LC-20ADXR
Auto Sampler SIL-20A / SIL-20AC / SIL-20AHT(UFLC) / SIL-20ACHT(UFLC) / SIL-20AXR / SIL-20ACXR / Rack Changer / Rack Changer C
Column Oven CTO-20A / CTO-20AC / CTO-10ASvp
Detector SPD-20A / SPD-20AV / RF-10AXL / SPD-M20A / PC-55N (AD board)
Option box Option Box VP / SubController VP
Solenoid valves FCV-10AL / FCV-10ALvp / FCV-11AL / FCV-11ALS / FCV-15AL / Low Pressure 4 port valve built in to LC-20AD / LC-20AT
Rotary valves FCV-12AH / FCV-13AL / FCV-14AH FCV-12AH / FCV-14H built in to CTO-20A / CTO-20AC
Integrated LC LC-2010A / LC-2010C / LC-2010AHT / LC-2010CHT
* 4 systems maximum with no PDA, 3 systems with single PDA, or 2 systems with 2 PDA (per LAC/E32).
*Empower and Empower2 are trademarks of Waters corporation.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.