Introducing the i3D Enterprise Informatics Service

Private Cloud based solution for data storage, processing and reporting

i3D Enterprise Informatics Service
Your Lab Can Now Do What the “Biggest” Labs Do, Only:
100x Faster Computing, 1/5th Cost, and Zero Installations
Bioinformatics is the single most complex challenge in the MS-based omics workflows (Nature Methods 6, 411 – 412, 2009). Despite the challenges, top-notch bioinformatics solutions increase the number of identifications, allow critical questions to be easily and quickly asked against all the generated data, and ultimately accelerate science and novel discoveries. Traditionally, to achieve the “top-notch” informatics required investing many years building a team of five-or-more programmers and bionformaticists coupled with purchasing and maintaing multiple computer servers, datacenters, and supporting informatics software.

The i3D Enterprise Informatics Service (EIS) is easily and immediately accessible by any lab at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. Users access the solution using nothing more than their web browser and from any geographic location. For lab IT administrators, there is absolutely nothing to install as the whole solution is available as a secure service. The system is highly secure; as transmission and receipt of data uses the same level encryption that the online banking system employs. The lab’s existing custom scripts, if any, can be incorporated into the EIS system in approximately one to two weeks allowing labs with existing informatics teams to benefit from the EIS system.


  • Automatically and securely upload terabytes worth of lab data from multiple instruments
  • Process the entire informatics workflows 100x faster than conventional techniques
  • Increase by 30% the protein identification at low (~1%) false discovery rates (FDRs)
  • Fully satisfy publication guidelines
  • Provide a completely user-driven querying interface so users can interrogate their data within seconds instead of hours/days

The i3D Enterprise Informatics Service Integrates:

i3D service can integrate data storage, customize workflows and allows querying and reporting
Features and benefits for “Data Storage ∓ Dissemination”
  • Automatic uploading of files from MS
  • Collaborative (user and/or group security levels)
  • Infinitely scalable (gigabytes to terabytes)
  • Guaranteed file integrity
  • Easy-to-use, streamlined interface
  • Fast searching of files and folders

Features and benefits for “Customizable Workflows”

  • 100x speed increase
  • Multiple search engines > ~30% increase in protein IDs at low (~1%) FDRs
  • Scalable and robust
  • Supports all major MS vendors
  • Shareable (user and/or group security levels)
  • Pre-built, established workflows

Features and benefits for “Querying ∓ Reporting”

  • Graphical, intuitive filter building interface
  • Report queries run in seconds, not hours or days
  • Satisfies publication guidelines (MCP)
  • Single consolidated data warehouse containing multiple projects’ data
  • Pre-built reports

Quickly Create Drag and Drop ‘Omics Workflows:

i3D drag and drop-omics

Figure 1: Screenshots of example, pre-built laboratory workflows. Users can customize their own workflows for ultra-fast on-cloud processing.

Powerful and Flexible User Data Querying: Interrogate Your Data and Results from Anywhere in the World in Just Seconds!

powerful and flexible data querying

Figure 2: Real-life example of user-driven query. The user wanted to find all proteins that were identified by only deamidated peptides on either N or Q and only calculate spectral counts using those deamidated peptides.

The i3D Enterprise Informatics Service Delivers…

  • A single, consolidated enterprise system that integrates all lab files
  • Powerful on-cloud processing (in a fraction of PC processing times!)
  • Custom module creation and deployment to integrate your programs
  • Ultra-fast data and result querying/reporting accessible globally
  • Simple storage expansion
  • Built-in security and backups
  • Affordable laboratory data management
Please note: this product is only available in North America.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.