Method Toolbox

Are you using valuable time comparing preparative conditions?

Increase your productivity by using Method Toolbox to assist you in method optimization.

Select the Optimal Methods for Fractionation and Purification
Automatically test up to 96 methods, 16 different mobile phase solvents and 6 columns to find the optimal separation conditions for fractionating synthetic compounds all in one batch.

Visually Monitor Target Compounds
The optimal separation method can be quickly identified from all of the various separation methods because target compound peaks in chromatograms are color coded in the data reports.

Simplicity and Reliability for Multiple Analysts
The software automatically manages vials, fully cleans columns, and cleans flow channels, allowing multiple analysts to confidently screen different samples at the same time.

Creating a Dynamic Batch Queue

Automatic Pre-Run Method
When either the mobile phase or column is switched, flow channel cleaning and column equilibration occur automatically.

Analysis Sequence Optimization
In order to shorten column equilibration time and mitigate column degradation, each sample is run on the column of interest using the same mobile phase before moving to a new mobile phase of interest. This process increases the speed and efficiency of method development.

Automatic Column Cleaning
Column cleaning is performed automatically after screening the mobile phase in the column.

The Optimal Separation Can be Seen at a Glance!

Visual Peak Monitoring
Due to the tracking function of the MS, it is possible to intuitively determine the optimal separation method since the target compound peaks on the chromatograms are green in color.