Universal Testing Machines

Shimadzu offers a wide range of first-class testing instruments that meet research and development and quality control requirements, and testers that enable the development of safer and higher quality materials and products.


EZ Test

EZ-X Series Tabletop Electromechanical Testers/Texture Analyzers

Compact, single-column testers

Ideal for low-force testing and texure analysis

500 N, 2 kN, and 5 kN frame capacities

1 N to 5 kN capacity load cells

AGS-X Series

AGS-X Series Electromechanical Testers

Versatile, dual-column testers

10 kN to 300 kN frame capacities

1 N to 300 kN capacity load cells

Tabletop, floor, and extended-column models

AG-Xplus Series

AG-Xplus Series Electromechanical Testers

Exceptional, dual-column testers

5 kN to 300 kN frame capacities

10 N to 300 kN capacity load cells

Tabletop, floor, extended-column, and custom models

UH-FX Series

UH-X/FX Series Static Hydraulic Testers

High-capacity, hydraulic testers

200 kN to 4,000 kN frame capacities

Front-opening grip option

Extended-column models and energy-efficient hybrid models


Hydroshot HITS High-Speed Testers

High-Rate Tensile Tester

High-Speed Impact Tester

Maximum speed of 20 m/s (72 km/h)

10 kN maximum capacity

Optional thermostatic chambers


TRAPEZIUM X Testing Software

Quickly generate, analyze, and output testing results

Pre-loaded parameters for quick data processing

Easily create tests that comply with ASTM, ISO, and JIS standards

Accessories and Components