Analysis of Industrial Process Water

Industrial Process Water

Industrial processes such as the refining and manufacturing of petrochemicals, polymers, plastics, and others are water-intensive, with water used for cooling, product and catalyst washing, ballast in storage vessels, and more. The analysis of industrial waters is critical to ensuring process efficiency, minimizing corrosion and scaling, and compliance with environmental regulations. Shimadzu offers a complete range of solutions for analysis of water used in a variety of industrial processes, including TOC, elemental and molecular  spectroscopy, ion chromatography, GC/MS, and LC/MS.

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Analytical Solutions

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Analysis Target - Instrument Flow Chart Ion Chromatograph UV-Vis Spectrophotometer TOC-L TOC-4200 TNPC-4110 TOC-1000e GC/MS AA/GFAA ICP-OES ICP-MS LC/MS/MS

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