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A new process called Hydraulic Fracturing (also known as fracking) has become a very popular process in obtaining petroleum and natural gas from previously untapped underground reserves.

The method combines a new form of horizontal drilling with hydraulic fracturing. The process blasts open fissures in underground shale-rock formations by injecting a high pressure combination of fluids, chemicals and proppants causing the fossil fuel to flow to the production well. During the fracking process, millions of gallons of fracking fluid - a mixture of water, sand and chemicals - are injected into the ground to break up the shale and release natural gas.

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has the solutions to assist drilling fluid engineers in developing the proper formulations. Shimadzu also offers many analytical chemistry analyzers in the form of rugged and reliable chromatography and spectroscopy instruments to help engineers and scientists obtain their results in less time than ever before.

One of the most important challenges that Operators of the Receiving Terminals must cope with is to determine, as accurate as possible, the quality of LNG transferred from vessel to ground tank. LNG quality is essential to determine the amount of energy transferred for fiscal metering purposes (Custody Transfer). Shimadzu offers the most precise instruments on the market today to precisely measure the key components that make up the LNG.


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