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Shimadzu Energy Dispersive XRF


Periodic Table of Elements analyzed by XRF

The colored elements can be analyzed by XRF. There are multiple advantages to energy dispersive XRF analyzers such as the Shimadzu EDX-7000. It can analyze solids, liquids, and powders with very little sample preparation or pretreatment. The measurement range is low parts per million (depending on the element) to 100%. Analysis times are 1-10 minutes. It sits right on the tabletop and is capable of rapid semi-quantitative analysis without standards, or very accurate quantitative analysis using standards.

Table 1 is a comparison of XRF data with a certified reference cement.

  % MgO %Ai2O3 %SO3 %CaO
XRF 1.75 3.95 21.9 69.6
CRM 1.93 3.88 22.4 67.9

Figure 1 shows the analysis of metals in waste oil.

Overlaid Profiles of Heavy Elements in Waste Oil

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