High Sensitivity Analysis of Peanut Allergen in Cumin and Spice Mix​
Food allergens are a major public health concern. Among them, peanut allergy is one of the commonfood allergies. To avoid unexpected contact with food allergens, food labels are strictly used to indicate thepresence of specific allergens. With the increasing awareness of food allergies, the presence of undeclared peanut in cumin lead to huge recalls in recent years. Although ELISA is the most commonly used technique to detect allergens, its false-positive rate is a major concern due to its cross-reactivity. We developed a method with high specificity and sensitivity to overcome this issue by using a high sensitivity triple quadrupole mass spectrometer to detect peanut allergen Ara h1 in commercially available spices and seasonings.
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Simultaneous analysis of major allergens in food matrices by high sensitive mass spectrometer​
Recently, liquid chromatography mass spectrometry becomes an alternative technique to detect allergenic proteins with high selectivity, sensitivity, and capability to analyze multiple allergens simultaneously. We developed a method to detect 31 peptides derived from eight allergens. We analyzed commercially available samples such as bread and gluten free bread etc to evaluate this method. We did not detected any peptides derived from gluten in gluten free bread and gluten free cracker. And we could detect peptides of 20 ppm wheat fortified to gluten free bread. We could detect other allergens shown on the label from commercial available food matrices.
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GC/MS Quantitative Analysis of Allergens in Cosmetics Using OPTIC-4​
Because an estimated 1 to 2 percent of the population has allergies, in 2003 the EU began regulating the use of perfumes and flavour materials that can cause allergic reactions. These substances are restricted to 0.01 % for cosmetic products that are rinsed away (such as shampoo) and 0.001 % for products that are left applied (such as hand creams). Due to these regulations, manufacturers now must quantitatively analyze the concentration of such allergens.
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Perfinity and LCMS-IT-TOF Application - Overcoming Challenges of Protein Sample Preparation for Food Allergen Analysis​​
This sample preparation method has been applied to analyze Ara h 1, a common food allergen associated with peanuts. Complete digestion of the Ara h 1 protein was demonstrated reproducibly, with identification of the common tryptic peptides found in Ara h 1 protein. One common peptide, SFNLDEGHALR (m/z 629.8) was identified by MS/MS with abundant representation of b and y ions.
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Analysis of Pefume Allergens by using Comprehensive 2D GC and a Rapid-Scanning Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer​
Comprehensive GC (GC?GC) falls into the category of multidimensional techniques, which achieve high separation power using two different type of columns. Since GC?GC requires the fast detector, more attention was devoted to TOF as its detector. The present study has confirmed the validity of the novel fast quadrupole MS system for reliable quantification purposes in GC?GC by the analysis of allergens in a commercial fragrance.
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