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PFAS Connection Poster - An Entangled Web Linking Food & The Environment
PFAS - the "Forever" chemical is also the "Wherever" chemical.

PFAS - the "Forever" chemical is also the "Wherever" chemical. PFAS is no longer just an environmental concern. It is also contaminating our food supply. In an endless cycle, PFAS moves from the environment to our food and back into the environment. Take a closer look at this graphic to see just how interconnected food and the environment are.

Shimadzu is developing analytical methods to detect PFAS at ppt levels to help keep our food supply safe. After all, humans are the dead end of the PFAS pathway

Quantitative Analysis of Chromium and Arsenic Species in Food and Food Packaging using LC-ICPMS

Food safety is one of the major concerns of the European population and the European Commission is aiming to assure a high level of food safety and animal & plant health within the EU through the farm-to-fork principle. This implements effective control systems for harmful substances such as pesticides, mycotoxins and heavy metals. Nowadays in food control the speciation analysis has become an important tool for the determination of elements like cadmium, chromium, mercury, tin, and arsenic where simply the measurement of the total amount of the element is not sufficient.


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