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Ensuring Compliance with ASTM Standards for Mechanical Testing of Plastics and Composites

Shimadzu Journal - Forensics/Toxicology and more...

The field of Forensics/Toxicology undergoes continual changes, some related to new regulations and other associated with new or improved analytical techniques being developed. Developing new technology drives Shimadzu’s vision, evidenced by both the production of scales and balances for 100 years to the more recent introduction of word-class mass spectrometry platforms that transform laboratory workflows. Essential to the development and exploration of higher-level technologies and processes is the collaborative research we conduct with our international partners. In this issue, interviews with two distinguished collaborators are featured.


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Detecting Cannabinoids in Industrial Hemp Using Single Quadrupole LC-MS


New LC-MS method for cannabinoid analysis
In-source fragmentation of 16 cannabinoids using single quadrupole LC-MS


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