Metabolomics Platforms

Shimadzu's metabolomics platforms deliver cutting-edge analytical solutions to the emerging science of the measurement and analysis of metabolites in cells of organisms at specific times and under specific conditions. Metabolomics requires the implementation of many analytical processes, including spectroscopy, chromatography, and mass spectrometry. Shimadzu metabolomics tools will increase your lab's productivity and increase your confidence in your metabolomics data!

Metabolomics Research Platforms & Solutions

Featured Metabolomics Solutions

Metabolite Structural Analysis & Formula Prediction

The Shimadzu LCMS-IT-TOF combines high resolution with mass accuracy stability to deliver the premier platform for unknown metabolite characterization and structural elucidation. Powerful formula prediction, profiling and metabolite structural analysis software provide unambiguous identification capabilities.

2D HPLC for Bioanalysis

The Cosense for Biological Analysis platform enables you to rapidly and reproducibly remove proteins from biological samples to focus on small molecules.

Features of Cosense for Biological Analysis:

  • Removes proteins from biological samples (including blood plasma)
  • Traps low molecular weight compounds (including drugs and metabolites)
  • Achieves exceptional reproducibility in continuous analysis of multiple samples

Rapid & Reproducible Blood Plasma Collection

New Noviplex Cards (Novilytic Labs) greatly simplify plasma collection for metabolomics studies. This powerful "lab-on-a-card" technology rapidly generates a volumetric amount of plasma (2.5ul) from an unmeasured aliquot of whole blood in just minutes. Plasma can rapidly be generated from finger-sticks or mouse tail bleeds, eliminating the need for phlebotomy and venipuncture.

Features of Noviplex Card:

  • 99% removal of red blood cells
  • Inter-card CV of 2% collection volume variation with 20% to 71% HCT
  • Proteins are deposited as a monolayer on drying
  • Metabolites are in protein monolayer