Food and Beverage

The demands of your high-throughput food and beverage QA/QC laboratory require high-speed and quality analysis. Whether analyzing the degradation of edible oils or the vitamins in baby food, or quantifying food additives, pesticide residues or the color in packaging materials, or determining the distinct aroma found in natural products, Shimadzu instruments are used throughout the process to keep your lab running smoothly and your customers satisfied.

Agriculture, Soils, and Fertilizers Authenticity and Adulteration Solutions
Agriculture, Soils, & Fertilizers Authenticity & Adulteration Cannabis Testing Solutions
Flavors and Fragrances Food, Beverages, and Other Consumer Products Food Process and Packaging
Flavors & Fragrances Beverages Food Process & Packaging
Health, Dietary, Nutraceuticals, and Supplements Pesticide, Mycotoxins, and Other Contaminants Physical Testing Properties
Health, Dietary, Nutraceuticals, & Supplements Pesticide, Mycotoxins & Other Contaminants Physical Testing Properties
Trace Metals Veterinary Drugs
Trace Metals Veterinary Drugs

TOC/TN Measurement for the Control and Evaluation of Methane Fermentation of Food Waste using TOC and TN Measurement System (TOC)

Introducing the Guidance and Report Creation Functions in AIMSolution (FTIR)

LCMS-8040 Application - Screening Pesticides in Foods with DCBI (LCMS)

LCMS-8040 Application - Multi-Residual Quantitative Analytical Method for Antibiotics in Sea Food by LC/MS/MS (LCMS)

LCMS-8045 Application - Highly Sensitive and Rapid Analysis of Synthetic Dyes in Sea Food by LC/MS/MS (LCMS)

LCMS-8050 Application - Solid Phase Extraction and SFC-MS/MS Method for Analysis of Aflatoxins M1, M2, B1, B2, G1, and G2 in Milk Powders (LC, LCMS)

LCMS-8060 Application - Multi-residue analysis of 18 regulated mycotoxins by LC-MS/MS in food samples (LCMS)

LCMS-8060 Application - Applying 'MRM Spectrum Mode' and Library Searching for Enhanced Reporting Confidence in Routine Pesticide Residue Analysis (LCMS)

LCMS-8050 Application - Simultaneous analysis of major allergens in food matrices by high sensitive mass spectrometer (LCMS)

LCMS-8060 Application - Multi-residue veterinary drug analysis of >200 compounds using MRM Spectrum Mode by LC-MS/MS (LCMS)

LCMS-8050 Application - Development of Sensitive and Selective Methods for Identification of Marine Toxins by LC-MS/MS (LCMS)

LCMS-8060 Application - Application of SFC-MS/MS for the quantification of highly polar pesticides in a range of food samples (LCMS, LC)

LCMS-8060 Application - Fully automated derivatization - quantification of Glyphosate and AMPA in beer using a standard UHPLC-MS/MS system (LCMS)

LCMS-8050 Application -Vitamins in Milk Infant formula (LCMS)

LCMS-8060/GCMS-TQ8040 Application - Widely-targeted metabolomic profiling for wines by LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS (Japan) (LCMS, GCMS)

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