Nexera UC Analytical SFC

Supercritical Fluid Chromatography System for Chiral Screening

When considering analytical conditions for the analysis of chiral compounds, various combinations of analytical columns and mobile phases need to be evaluated through trial and error, resulting in considerable time and labour taken up by method development.

This process can be streamlined and sped up significantly with the use of Shimadzu's Nexera UC Chiral Screening System for screening analytical conditions, in combination with Daicel's CHIRALPAK and CHIRALCEL series chiral separation columns.

Supercritical Fluid Chromatography System for Chiral Screening

Evaluating analytical conditions with the Nexera UC Chiral Screening System

Evaluating analytical conditions with the Nexera UC Chiral Screening System

When using the system for supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) analysis of chiral compounds, with the mobile phase being a supercritical fluid with high diffusivity, it is possible to carry out analysis in 1/3 to 1/5 the time compared to a conventional HPLC system. The Nexera UC Chiral Screening System not only allows for SFC analysis, but can also automatically switch between up to 12 columns, 4 modifiers, and blends of those modifiers during analysis, greatly reducing the overall workflow.

With the dedicated software, "Method Scouting Solution", the columns and modifiers to be used can be managed in a database, and various analytical conditions can be applied by simply selecting them from the graphical user interface (GUI).

It supports evaluation of analytical conditions in multiple ways: calculating modifier and sample amounts required, prevention of degradation through column rinsing and changeover of enclosed fluids post-analysis, and prediction of analysis completion times.

Combining the Nexera UC Chiral Screening System with Diacel columns

Automatic analysis for all 36 SFC chiral screening conditions

Here we present the results of screening 36 SFC analysis conditions resulting from combinations of 12 Daicel columns and 3 modifiers using the Nexera UC Chiral Screening System.
Because the system can switch automatically between modifiers and columns during analysis, the analysis can be carried out continuously night or day, allowing for speedier evaluation of analysis conditions. The example shown on this page was completed in one night.

Data can be collected by simply setting the samples and mobile phases and initiating analysis, resulting in a significant reduction in labor. The user is free to carry out other tasks while analysis is in progress, increasing the overall productivity of the lab.

In addition, Shimadzu's LabSolutions HPLC workstation data browser assists in fast and reliable data processing after evaluation of chiral analysis conditions. A large amount of scouting data can be viewed at once, along with chromatogram data such as retention times, area values, separation values, and symmetry factors.

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