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Genomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics, Glycomics

Shimadzu offers a total solution to researchers working within pharmaceutical industries. Our integrated workflows give them accurate and comprehensive data, resulting in the efficient discovery of targets and biomarkers, and rapid selection and validation of drug candidates. We provide unique tools and novel systems for the analysis of nucleic acids, proteins, peptides, lipids, antibodies, metabolites and saccharides.


Proteomics Research

Disease and/or phenotype specific proteins are important targets in basic pharmaceutical research. Gel-separated proteins or chromatographically resolved peptides can be characterized and identified by high throughput MALDI TOF Mass Spectrometry using the Shimadzu AXIMA series.

These MALDI mass spectrometers can also serve as robust detection systems using off-line LC-MALDI. Stable isotope labeling (with 13CNBS reagent) sand the LC-MALDI coupling (AccuSpot) enable comparative proteome analyses and biomarker discovery experiments.

Proteomics Research
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Glycomics Research

Glycosylation is a key post-translational modification associated with the function of many proteins. By using the unique hybrid MALDI-TOF MS AXIMA-QIT, detailed structure of the glycan and the site of post translational modification can be determined.

Glycomics Research

Metabolomics Research

The combination of accurate and sensitive MSn analysis with the triple quad LCMS-8050 mass spectrometer and the Profiling Solution statistical analysis tool make it possible to mine metabolic markers from highly complex biological samples.

Metabolomics Research
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Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS)

Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) due to its high stability and data precision is recognized as a core analytical technique in metabolomics research. In metabolomics studies using GC/MS, comprehensive analysis of hydrophilic low-molecular weight compounds is primarily conducted for quality evaluation and biomarker discovery. The Shimadzu GCMS-QP2020 quadrupole mass spectrometer permits high-throughput analysis and data point acquisition equivalent to that of more expensive time-of-flight mass spectrometers.


MALDI-MS Imaging

MALDI-MS Imaging allows researchers to analyze the spatial distribution of target molecules in tissue samples. Proteins, lipids and even drugs and their metabolites can be analyzed directly from tissues.
High sensitivity MSn analysis allow protein, peptide and drug distributions to be determined from classical histological tissue samples. Also, a unique hybrid MALDI-MS microscope is under development, enabling researchers to combine optical microscopy with sensitive and accurate MALDI-MS.

MALDI-MS Imaging
MALDI-MS Imaging

Nanoparticle Size Analysis

Nanoparticle Size Analysis

The SALD-7500nano nanoparticle size analyzer was developed for the rapid measurement and observation of particles in the 7nm to 800 µm range. Therefore, SALD-7500nano can observe the process of protein aggregation (ex. antigen/antibody reaction, protein-protein interaction) without the need for sample labeling.


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System Lineup

Data Systems Informatics
In the pharmaceutical industry, compliance to regulations and guidelines, such as CSV and PIC/S GMP and U.S. FDA 21 CFR Part 11, and the proper, efficient management of instrumentation and analytical data is required. Shimadzu's LabSolutions network-compatible analysis data system provides a fast and efficient management of instruments. Review our lineup of Data Management Software tools: LabSolutions LC/GC, LabSolutions DB, LabSolutions CS, LabSolutions GPC, LabSolutions IR, LabSolutions RF and C-R8A Integrator.
LC/HPLC Liquid Chromatography
For over 40 years Shimadzu has been recognized as a leader in innovative and robust Liquid Chromatography instrumentation. Liquid chromatography has become an integral analytical tool for researchers and analysts across the entire workflow of Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical analysis from Drug Discovery through Clinical Trials and into production and Quality Assurance. Whether your requirements are for a stand-a-lone HPLC/UHPLC or as a front-end to Mass Spectrometry Shimadzu's line of liquid chromatography products will meet or extend your application needs. Review our comprehensive lineup of instruments: Nexera X2 UHPLC, Nexera SR UHPLC, Nexera MP Front End UHPLC, Nexera UC SFE-SFCNexera-i Integrated UHPLC, Nexera HPLC/UHPLC Method Scouting, Prominence HPLCProminence-I Integrated HPLC.
With the fastest multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) transition times available today, high-speed multi-analyte detection with 500 MRM transitions in one second, and unsurpassed polarity switching speed, the LCMS-8060, LCMS-8050 and LCMS-8040 triple quadrupole LC/MS/MS systems delivers speed beyond compare. Combining these advanced mass spectrometry technologies with Shimadzu's world-leading Nexera UHPLC performance creates a unique system approach to ultra fast mass spectrometry detection.
MALDI-MS systems provide reliable mass information with higher sensitivity and throughput for the molecular identification and characterization of biomolecules. In particular, the LCMS-IT-TOF MS system shows superior performance without compromise on high resolution and accurate structural analyses. Review our comprehensive line of instruments: MALDI-7090, AXIMA Assurance, AXIMA Confidence, AXIMA Performance, Accuspot, MegaTOF Megadalton MALDI, Micro-organism Identification, AXIMA-iD Plus MALDI-TOF Platform.
Dried Plasma Spots Dried Plasma Spots
NoviplexTM cards are a simple, powerful tool used to collect a volumetric sample of plasma (2.5 µL) from a non-volumetric application of whole blood in just minutes.
Automated Protein Seperation Automated Protein Seperation
Perfinity technology, through automation and patented immobilized enzyme reactor columns, accelerates protein sample preparation workflows and provides reproducibility to proteolysis which cannot be obtained through traditional methods.
Nexera UC Nexera UC SFE-SFC
Supercritical fluid enables highly efficient sample extraction and chromatographic analysis. The Nexera UC uniquely combines supercritical fluid extraction and supercritical fluid chromatography to provide the industries first online Unified Chromatography system. Various configurations are available including on-line SFE-SFC-MS, SFC-MS, SFC Chiral Screening System, and SFC-UV.
Edman Chemistry Protein Sequencer Edman Chemistry Protein Sequencer
Protein sequencing via automated Edman degradation chemistry remains a simple and robust solution for many labs, delivering unambiguous data that is much less complex than the data obtained through mass spectrometry-based techniques.
Micro-volume UV-Visible Spectrophotometers Micro-volume UV-Visible Spectrophotometers
The Shimadzu BioSpec-nano is a low-maintenance micro-volume spectrophotometer designed for the modern life science laboratory. It offers superior detection limits compared to comparable competitive systems, making it the perfect instrument for quantitation of DNA, RNA, protein analysis, and photometric measurements. Quantitation can be rapidly and simply measured required volumes of only 1µL. And, with dedicated functions, such as automated sample mounting and wiping, the BioSpec-nano offers a rapid 3-second analysis time and a 10-second cycle time between samples.
UV-Visible Spectrophotometers UV-Visible Spectrophotometers
Shimadzu has been developing UV-Vis spectrophotometers for 60 years, and continues to manufacture instruments that meet scientists' needs for ruggedness, ease of use, validation and applications. Our current lineup features the rugged UV-1900i with Pharmacopeia compliance performance and built-in software for routine life-science assays and the best-in-class performing UV-2600 UV-Visible and UV-2700 UV-Vis-NIR (up to 1400 nm) spectrophotometers. Both the UV-2600/2700 systems feature proprietary dual-blazed gratings with exceptional low-stray light performance enabling higher concentration range measurements without the need for sample dilution. With their photomultiplier (PMT) detection and optional integrating spheres the UV 2600/2700 are also well suited for the measurement of turbid samples. A wide-range of life science accessories and the full-featured UVProbe software are available to meet the needs of the life science research laboratory.
Gas Chromatography Mass Spetrometry Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry
For over 30 years Shimadzu has been a leader in design innovations, such as our front access ion source, high efficiency ion optics, 20,000 µ/second scan speed, and post-quadrupole focusing lenses. Shimadzu is a market leader in system ruggedness combined with exceptional performance, simplified operation, and maintenance. Review our comprehensive lineup of instruments: the GCMS-TQ8050, GCMS-QP2020, and the GCMS-QP2010 SE.
Particle Analyzers Particle Analyzers
Shimadzu has a wide-range of Particle Size analyzers focused on applications such as super-fine nano and sub-nano particles up to dense particles such as Aggregates. Various accessories are available including autosampling thereby optimizing your sample workflow. The Shimadzu Particle Size analyzers are well suited for particle measurement requirements in the Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical industries.
Fluorescnce Fluorescence
Fluorescence is typically 100 to 1000 times more sensitive than traditional absorption techniques. Providing enhanced sensitivity and dynamic range the RF-6000 Spectrofluorometerenables a wide-range of Luminescence measurement techniques including Fluorescence, Phosphorescence, Bioluminescence, Chemiluminescence, and Electro-Luminescence. Application areas include Pharmaceuticals, Life Science research, Chemicals, Environmental, Foods, and Electrical/Electronics.
Balances Balances
Shimadzu has introduced user-friendly instruments and features to the market, such as: the temperature-based fully-automatic calibration in 1985, the first one-piece force cell (OPF, later renamed UniBloc) in 1989, the high-sensitivity AEM-5200 Micro Balance in 1993, and the unique Windows® Direct feature perfectly suited for the computerized laboratory of the 21st Century. Moving forward, Shimadzu is committed to providing innovative products for the analytical marketplace. Learn more now.

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