Pyrolysis Seminar Series Videos

On June 17 & 18, 2015 two seminars entitled, "Greatly Expand Material Characterization Capabilities with Frontier Lab Pyrolyzers and Shimadzu GC/MS" were presented by Dave Randle (General Manager, Frontier lab) in cooperation with Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc. at Shimadzu's state of the art Solution Center. Dave gives an interesting Pyrolysis/GC-MS seminar that is jammed packed with great information to help educate you on this powerful technique.

The videos are numbered (1-11) in order of viewing. However, you may view a video out of sequence to watch a particular topic of interest. Thank you for your interest in Shimadzu Scientific Instruments and Frontier lab.


Video 1 (Length: 4 minutes):
Introduction to GC/MS/Pyrolysis technique
Agenda for seminar
Intro to Frontier labs
Application overview
Application by markets
Pyrolysis compared to other similar techniques


Video 2 (Length: 9 minutes):
Sample Preparation and Special Tools


Video 3 (Length: 15 minutes):
Analytical pyrolysis defined
Expansion of application areas with PY-GC
Regular GC/MS vs. PY GC/MS
Chronicle of Analytical Pyrolysis
Pyrolysis of polymeric materials and pyrolyzates
Pyrogram of polyethylene
Book reference: Pyrolysis GC/MS Data Book of Synthetic Polymers
By: Shin Tsuge, Hajime Ohtani, & Chichi Watanabe
Quick Points on Pyrolysis
Essential Elements for Successful Applications of Analytical Pyrolysis

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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