Determination of Storage Lipid Contents by (TOC) Analyzer and (FT-IR) in Non-Destructive Microalgal Cells

In this article, we introduce a newly-developed method for detecting cellular storage lipids which can be used without disruption of cells. The method focuses the storage lipids produced in some marine haptophyte cells, namely long-chain ketones (alkenones) which are very different from triglycerols (TAGs). To date, there has been no useful method to do this, but we have successful in developing a new method for rapid detection and semi-qualification of alkenones using a combination of Fourier Transform Infrared Sectrophotometer (FT-IR) and a Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analyzer.

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43, laancxxe026
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Molecular Spectroscopy, FTIR Spectrophotometers
IRAffinity-1S, ketones, microalgal , Life Science Solutions, IRAffinity-1S
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