Quantifying "Silent Change" Using EDXIR-Analysis Software: EDX-FTIR Contaminant Finder/Material Inspector

The act of changing raw materials without notifying business partners for the purpose of reducing costs is known as "silent change." Since products manufactured with non-standard raw materials cannot be guaranteed in terms of quality and usage of such materials can lead to incidents, this has become a social issue. The management of safe and good quality raw materials is indispensable in the manufacture of high quality products. The EDXIR-Analysis software features a data comparison function. EDX data or FTIR data, or both, can be used to quantify the differences between genuine products and test products in terms of similarity. This function facilitates verification of raw materials as standard materials and proves effective in acceptance inspections, sampling inspections, and primary screening. In this article, we introduce an example analysis that utilizes the data comparison function.

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Molecular Spectroscopy, FTIR Spectrophotometers
EDXIR,Silent change, quality, control assurance, ATR, Energy and Chemicals, IRAffinity-1S, edx
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