Combined Analysis of a Contaminant Using a Compact FTIR and EDX

Demands regarding the analysis of contaminants that are mixed in or adhered to products are increasing for food and chemical manufacturers and inspection agencies which are consigned inspections. This increase in demands has drawn attention to energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometers (EDX) which are suited to analyzing inorganic elements such as metals and to Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometers (FTIR) which are optimal for the analysis of organic substances such as polymeric compounds. Cases where one sample is analyzed using both instruments are increasing as well. However, data obtained with each instrument requires respective analysis procedures and results are sometimes influenced by the operator's knowledge and experience. It is in light of such situations that Shimadzu developed the EDX-FTIR contaminant finder/material inspector, EDXIR-AnalysisTM software. The first in the industry, this software is capable of combining and analyzing data acquired from a Shimadzu EDX and FTIR. Details of the software are introduced in Application News Nos. A522A (1) and A527 (2). This article introduces an example analysis of a contaminant using the EDXFTIR combined analysis system shown in Fig. 1.

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Molecular Spectroscopy, FTIR Spectrophotometers
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