Quality Control of Film and Filter – Application of Spectra Evaluation Function of LabSolutionsTM UV-Vis

A Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer (FTIR) is often used for the material identification and the contaminant analysis of a film and a filter. On the other hand, a UV-Visible spectrophotometer is used to examine their optical properties such as transmittance and reflectance. Its example is the examination of transmittance of a long-pass filter which is an optical element and transmits light in longer wavelength range than a specific wavelength. Films and filters are utilized in many fields based on their properties.This report demonstrates pass/fail judgments of a bandpass filter and a long-pass filter using the spectra evaluation function of LabSolutionsTM UV-Vis and the color measurement of color cellophane films using the color analysis function of LabSolutions UV-Vis.

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Molecular Spectroscopy, UV-Vis Spectrophotometers
Thin Film ,Film holder, color software , UV-1900
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