Development of a Duct Tape FTIR Library for Forensic Analysis

Duct tape is a common household product that can often be found at crime scenes Duct tape can be used in crime scenes pertaining to homicide, robbery, kidnapping, breaking and entering Duct tape is made of multiple layers a backing, fabric to reinforce strength and an adhesive layer Different manufacturers use different types of backing or fabric reinforcement for different applications of duct tape The ability to b e able to identify a brand or type of duct tape can prove to be useful for investigators FTIR is an incredibly versatile and useful technique for forensic investigation and will ultimately aid in crime investigations. Because duct tape is made of at least three different layers, the middle layer, the fabric reinforcement, is the most protected from external contamination while the inner and outer layers are more likely to come in contact with materials external to the duct tape Three layer duct tape could be viewed as ‘ strength duct tape while, heavy duty duct tape could include more than three layers and/or more complex fabric reinforcement

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Molecular Spectroscopy, FTIR Spectrophotometers
Duct Tape, Forensics, AIM-9000 FTIR Microscope
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