Observation of a Mouse Femur Using an X-Ray CT System

At universities, pharmaceutical manufacturing companies and in other research fields, a variety of research using experimental animal s i s being conducted, including research into bone diseases, as well as drug administration evaluations, and fat measurements for metabolic research. The main experimental animals are rats, mice, and rabbits. In this context, X-ray CT systems are often used to observe and analyze the bones of small animals, and for research on the teeth of humans and small animals. Observations of small animals consists of in vivo CT imaging of living animals, and in vitro CT imaging of dead animals and excised parts. This article introduces imaging (in vitro) CT data from mouse femurs, taken using the inspeXio SMX-100CT, as well as analytical results from 3-dimensional analysis software utilizing the CT data.

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N118, LAAN-A-ND-E011
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Materials/Automotive, Biomaterials, MX-100CT Micro Focus X-Ray CT System
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