Unknown Constituent Identification in Topical Preparation using a Q-TOF Mass Spectrometer

Using a high-resolution mass spectrometer and a new qualitative analysis software (Assign) to identify low level unknowns in topical preparations. Skin is the most exposed organ in the human body and is susceptible to various diseases and disorders. Topical preparations are often used to provide treatment for skin since it is easily administered. Although most topical preparations are meant to provide treatment locally, a small amount of those drugs, including the active compounds and other constituents, can be absorbed and lead to systemic effect. To avoid undesirable effects caused by the unknown constituents in the topical preparation, an LCMS method utilizing a Shimadzu LCMS- 9030 Q-TOF was created to analyze topical preparation products. A typical workflow on data analysis was developed for conducting unknown constituent analysis in topical preparation.

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ASMS 2020 - TP 587
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Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry
Pharma & Biopharma, LCMS-9030 Q-TOF Mass Spectrometer
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