Detection of typical GCMS Pesticides in Cannabis Matrix utilizing APCI-LCMS

An APCI-LCMS method was developed and tested in cannabis flower matrix for the analysis of 10 California and Oregon regulated pesticides that have been traditionally analyzed by GCMS. The LOQs determined in this method were well below the action limits required by California and Oregon, demonstrating the viability of an LCMS total solution for cannabis testing in these two programs. The use of the ultrafast polarity switching capability of the LCMS-8060 allowed for accurate and sensitive quantitation of all 10 pesticides.

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ASMS 2020 - MP 070
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Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry
ASMS 2020, LCMS, GCMS, Pesticides, Cannabis, APCI, Cannabis & Hemp Testing Solutions, LCMS-8060
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