Quantitation of dsDNA Using the Micro-Volume BioSpec-nano Spectrophotometer and its Repeatability

The rapid quantitation of DNA is an important and critical function of the modernbiological and biochemistry laboratory. The Shimadzu BioSpec-nano micro-volumespectrophotometer is an ideal instrument to meet this critical need. The BioSpec-nanocan determine the concentration of DNA every fifteen seconds by placing a 1-2 uLdrop of sample directly onto the sample target and pressing the ?Start? button. TheDNA quantitation value is displayed within seconds followed by automatic wiping ofthe sample target, readying the instrument for the next sample. Measurement,recording, and wiping all occur in seconds allowing for high operational performanceand throughput, a perfect fit for the modern laboratory. In addition, the Shimadzudesign provides for the accuracy and repeatability required in today?s researchsettings.

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Molecular Spectroscopy, UV-Vis Spectrophotometers
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