LCMS-8050/8060 Application - Lipid Mediator Profiling of Human Serum Using LC/MS/MS

Lipid mediator is a generic term for bioactive lipids,which play a role in many biological functions. Recentdevelopment of a high sensitivity ultra-fast massspectrometer enables lower detection limits for lipidmediator species. A comprehensive and highly sensitiveapplication for the analysis of lipid mediators and theirmetabolites using a t r i p l e quadrupole massspectrometer LCMS-8060 is presented here. Conditionsdeveloped for ?LC/MS/MS Method Package for LipidMediators Ver. 2?, which can simultaneously analyze158 lipid mediator-related compounds, were used as abasis for this application.

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Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS)
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