LCMS-8050 Application - A Fast LC/MS/MS Method for High Sensitivity Determination of Twenty-Six Perfluorocompounds in Textiles

A sensitive and reliable LC/MS/MS method has been developed for screening and quantitation of 26 PFCs including PFOA and PFOS on Shimadzu LCMS-8050 UFMS system. The method adopted M-PFOA (13C-PFOA) as internal standard to enhance the reliability for screening analysis of unknown sample. The LOQs of the MRM method achieve extremely low level, e.g., 17.7 and 16.1 ng/mL for PFOA and PFOS in textile matrix, respectively. The method performance which includes sensitivity, linearity, repeatability, matrix effect and recovery were evaluated. The results indicate that the method is feasible and reliable for determination of 26 targeted PFCs, especially PFOA and PFOS in different textile samples.

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Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry
Energy and Chemicals, Materials/Automotive, Textiles/Fibers, LCMS-8050 UFMS system
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