Absolute Reflectance Measurement of Anti-Reflective Film for Solar Cells Using the SolidSpec-3700

Solar cells, devices which convert light energy to electrical energy, are presently undergoing active research. Various innovations are being implemented to raise the conversion efficiency, and one of these is anti-reflective film which is used to increase the amount of sunlight reaching the cell. Anti-reflective film suppresses the reflection of incidence light from the surface of the solar cell, thereby preventing the loss of light energy. Therefore, measuring the reflectance of anti-reflective film is an effective means of evaluating the performance of the film. In this application, we introduce the measurement of absolute reflectance of anti-reflective film for solar cells using the SolidSpec-3700 ultravioletvisible-near infrared spectrophotometer.

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Molecular Spectroscopy, UV-Vis Spectrophotometers
Anti-reflective, film, energy, solar cells, electrical energy, Energy and Chemicals, Solidspec-3700, solidspec
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