Positively Changing the World with New Techniques and Improved Laboratory Methods

Is it we can’t or is it we won’t? Why don’t we have a system for regularly improving or updating test methods? Or do we? What is the EPA ATP process? What are VCSB’s? Why do these exist; what is their purpose? Are each of these processes too slow, or is their speed limited our imagination and desire to effect change? The reason change is slow is us. Many ATPs and VCSB standards are now codified in the Federal Register. These successes have allowed for the use of innovative technology, greener, cheaper and faster methods. In addition, commercial, government, state, municipal, and private laboratories have access to the new methods and new technology before rulemaking which can take up to 5 years before the rule is final. This presentation covers the ATP and VCSB processes for introducing new methods based on new or improved techniques with a stated goal of moving environmental analysis forward. A brief description of each process, some of the similarities and differences, and examples of methods that have gone through the process will be discussed.

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Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS), Elemental Analysis / Atomic Spectroscopy (AA, ICP, ICPMS)
vcsb, methods, gcms, atp, astm, Environmental
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