Solutions for Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer

Ethanol is widely used in hand sanitizers distributed in the United States. It is commonly blended with water, glycerin, colorants, and fragrances to make the final product. The United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has determined that ethanol concentrations in hand sanitizers must be between 60 and 95% to ensure germicidal and viricidal properties. Ethanol produced to be blended into these products must be ≥94.9% pure and adhere to USP regulatory guidelines. Shimadzu offers all the tools used for all types of laboratories, from ethanol producers to pharmaceutical manufacturers to ensure compliance with CDC and USP guidelines and regulations.

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Gas Chromatography, Molecular Spectroscopy, FTIR Spectrophotometers
alcohol, hand sanitizer, solutions, gc-2030, irspirit, Energy and Chemicals, GC-2030, IRSpirit
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