Verification of Sigma-Aldrich Spectral Libraries on a Shimadzu FTIR Spectrophotometer

Obtaining an FTIR spectrum of a compound is often the first step to identify an unknown, raw materials and in-process samples in many laboratories. Having a reputable resource for identification of those compounds is invaluable. Researchers and industry alike benefit from FTIR Libraries that can be used to perform simple searches to match the compounds with confidence. In addition to building custom libraries, there are opportunities to confirm the compound with available standard libraries, often containing hundreds of verified FTIR spectra of standards. Verification of the spectral library accuracy is an invaluable step before utilizing a spectrophotometer. In this article, we present the accuracy of over one hundred commercially available standards using the Sigma-Aldrich FTIR libraries from Wiley on a Shimadzu FTIR Spectrophotometer.

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Molecular Spectroscopy, FTIR Spectrophotometers
Sigma-Aldrich Spectral Libraries
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