Shimadzu Releases LC/MS/MS Method Package for Rapid Toxicology Screening for Several Classes of Toxicological Compounds

Shimadzu has introduced a method package for rapid toxicology screening of 106 compounds. Featuring predetermined analytical conditions, including MRM transitions, LC separation conditions, retention times, spectral libraries, and report files, it enables researchers to rapidly implement a screening method for several classes of substances.

Developed in conjunction with forensic medicine and critical care researchers, Shimadzu’s LC/MS/MS Method Package for Rapid Toxicology Screening includes method parameters for 106 of the most important toxicological compounds, including drugs of abuse, pharmaceuticals, psychotropics, and hypnotics. It incorporates established calibration curves and uses diazepam d5 as an internal standard. As a result, this screening tool provides laboratories the ability to perform semi-quantitative analysis without purchasing dozens of costly standards. Target peaks are confirmed by comparison to the spectral library included in the method package.

Also included is an optimized sample preparation protocol for toxicology screening based on QuEChERS. With this protocol, a total solution for toxicology screening from sample preparation to reporting is provided.

For Research Use Only.  Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.


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