New Perfinity NoRA (No Reduction / Alkylation) Trypsin Columns Offer Rapid Protein Digestion Times and Disulfide Bond Mapping

Perfinity Biosciences, Inc. and Shimadzu Scientific Instruments announce the release of Perfinity NoRA (No Reduction / Alkylation) trypsin columns for use with the Perfinity Workstation and Perfinity Integrated Digestion platform (iDP). 

With the introduction of Perfinity’s original technology, which significantly reduced protein sample preparation time from 2-3 days to less than one hour, the new bottleneck in protein sample preparation became the sample pre-treatment steps. NoRA columns enable researchers to bypass the reduction and alkylation steps altogether by providing a trypsin Immobilized Enzyme Reaction (IMER) column solution that can reproducibly digest proteins under denaturing conditions. 

According to Perfinity founder Fred Regnier, “The development of Perfinity’s NoRA technology provides researchers with increased capabilities, such as rapid protein digestion times and disulfide bond mapping. NoRA columns can be particularly advantageous when performing sample preparation on hard-to-digest proteins. The technology complements the existing Perfinity platforms well and is quite appealing to all researchers who wish to eliminate the very slow and tedious reduction and alkylation steps.”

As noted by Terry Adams, VP Marketing at Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, “Shimadzu, a global commercial partner with Perfinity, is excited about yet another technical advance that was specifically requested from our customers. By eliminating the need for reduction and alkylation, the NoRA columns provide researchers with another solution to overcome the sample prep bottleneck and improve laboratory productivity.”

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