Shimadzu’s New EZ Test EZ-X Series Tabletop Testers Offer Precise, High-Speed Analysis for a Wide Variety of Industries

The need for physical property testing has increased significantly in a wide range of applications. To address this demand, Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has launched the EZ Test EZ-X Series compact tabletop testers, which provide the world’s highest levels of test force measurement precision, guaranteed range, control precision and test speed.

The EZ-X Series consists of three different testers, which can be configured into 29 different models that have been designed to meet the small-capacity testing requirements of several industries:

  • EZ-SX is a compact model ideal for the evaluation of food texture, pharmaceuticals and their packaging, and electrical/electronic parts. The capacity of the load cell ranges from 1 N to 500 N, and the maximum stroke is 500 mm. Its test speed range is 0.001 to 1,000 mm/min.
  • EZ-LX is a long-stroke model for performing tensile, compression or bending tests on plastics, tapes, rubber and other samples. The maximum stroke is 920 mm, and the load cell capacity ranges from 1 N to 5 kN. Its test speed ranges from 0.001 to 1,000 mm/min.
  • EZ-LX (HS) is a high-speed, long-stroke model. Its 3,000 mm/min return speed significantly reduces the wait between tests to improve productivity. The capacity of the load cell is 1 N to 2 kN, and the maximum stroke is 920 mm. It features a test speed range of 0.001 to 2,000 mm/min.

All EZ-X Series instruments provide ± 0.5% accuracy with a wide guaranteed range from 1/500 to 1/1 of load capacity. This means a single tester can perform higher precision tests over a wider range. They also allow high-speed data sampling of 1,000 data/second, which enables peak data to be detected more accurately in tests.

Shimadzu offers a larger selection of specialized jigs to accommodate an even wider variety of applications. These include jigs that compress, slice and extrude samples using multiple blades, as well as jigs that evaluate hardness or spreading characteristics. A jig platform is available for easy jig exchange.

Additionally, for research and development applications with complex control and data analysis requirements, Shimadzu’s TRAPEZIUM X software can be included. For quality control with high throughput and strict data control requirements, TRAPEZIUM X LITE software is recommended in order to use a tester’s control panel to load testing parameters from a computer, and to display, save or print test results.

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