Shimadzu’s New Integrated HPLC BioEthanol Analyzer Offers Round-the-Clock QC Testing at Bioethanol Production Plants

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments announces the release of a new BioEthanol Analyzer. Based on the popular Prominence-i integrated HPLC platform, the compact BioEthanol Analyzer is an advanced tool for real-time monitoring of the fermentation process in bioethanol production.

Real-time monitoring allows process controllers to take immediate action when issues arise. Remote monitoring of the BioEthanol Analyzer via the i-Series web interface or LabSolutions Direct provides instrument status and chromatogram information from anywhere using any smart device or PC. Unusual results can be seen immediately and the necessary corrective action taken. In addition, LabSolutions software provides for easier, more intuitive operation.

The analyzer’s autosampler features an open-access mechanism that makes it possible to add sample vials easily even when the system is operating. The ability to quickly and conveniently load samples enables the acquisition of real-time analytical results, resulting in more efficient monitoring and improved productivity. The Bioethanol analyzer also features a high-performance refractive index detector with excellent baseline stability and a wide linear range. In addition, a built-in ECO mode reduces power consumption and mobile phase usage to save on operational costs.

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