AT-R Series of Analytical Balances


Economic Model with Convenient Features 

  • Easily set responsive or stability focused modes
  • Connect with a computer via USB or RS232C
  • Perform stable measurements in combination with an ionizer

AT-R series


Easy to Change Settings Enable Responsiveness and Stability 

AT-R balance -  5 stage indicator

Responsiveness becomes very important when weighing fixed amounts of powders and liquids. Stability is required when weighing substances in environments subject to drafts or vibrations. The AT-R series of balances makes it is easy to switch between a response focus (R) and a stability focus (S) during measurements.The AT-R balances are also equipped with a 5-stage indicator.

response focused and stability focused measurement modes


Equipped with Two Interfaces: USB and RS232C

Equipped with Two Interfaces: USB and RS232C

The balances come standard with two convenient interfaces for connection with a computer or PLC (programmable logic controller). This helps prevent human error by direct transfer of weight values to the computer.

● The balances have been shown to operate with the following PLCs from major companies.

  • Mitsubishi Electric Q Series
  • OMRON CJ2 Series
  • Keyence KV-8000
  • IDEC FC6A Series

Combine with an Ionizer to Perform Stable Measurements 

Stablo-ap ionizer to help quickly remove static

The optional STABLO™-AP ionizer (static remover) quickly removes static from samples and containers, without creating a draft. This prevents reproducibility errors and fluctuations in measurement values due to static electricity. The static elimination can be enhanced by placing flasks in the AP Holder (sold separately).

Optional Accessories

Static Remover STABLO-AP Ionizer
EP-100/EP-110 Printer
SMK Specific Gravity Measurement Kits
USB Cable Set
AP Holder
Protective Cover (5pc set)
AC Adapter (Provided as standard with the main unit)

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