ELB Series Platform Balances

User-Friendly and Durable Platform Balances for Field Use

ELB Series Platform Balance

Shimadzu’s ELB Series platform balances are straightforward, durable, and portable, due to their ability to run on batteries, making them ideal for field use.


Excellent Durability

Durability of the ELB Series platform balances comes from the metal die cast base structure and the inclusion of an overload prevention mechanism that protects the load cell.

Battery Power Option for Field Use

The ELB Series platform balances have the option of running on batteries, making them ideal for field use. In addition, the auto-power-off function prolongs battery life.

Battery Power Option

Intuitive Operation and Useful Functions

The operation panel is easy-to-use, follows an intuitive menu structure, and includes useful functions, such as piece counting, percent display, unit conversions, and a specific gravity measurement mode.

Optional Specific Gravity Measurement

With the addition of the SMK-201 specific gravity measurement kit for 600 g and above ELB model platform balances, specific gravity measurements are easily performed.

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