ICPE-9800 Series

Simultaneous ICP Atomic Emission Spectrometers

Three Features Minimize Gas Consumption, Leading to Cost Savings

ICPE-9800 systems include three features for reducing gas consumption (Eco mode, Mini-torch system, and Vacuum spectrometer), which significantly reduce the amount of argon gas consumed.

Eco Mode Icon

Eco Mode
An Eco mode has been added to reduce argon gas consumption to about half the normal level and high-frequency output to about half the normal level while in standby mode. The plasma gas flow rate is automatically reduced during standby mode, and the system enters the Eco mode. When a sample is placed in position and the measurement start icon is clicked, the system automatically returns to analysis mode and starts measurements.

Mini Torch Icon

Mini-Torch System
Mini-torch consumes only about half as much argon gas as standard torch.

Vacuum Spectrometer Icon

Vacuum Spectrometer—No Purge Gas Required
Unlike purge-type spectrometers, the vacuum spectrometer does not need to be purged continuously with high-purity argon or nitrogen gas.

Analysis Example

In this example, about 120 samples were measured for six hours in a day, with preparation time provided (for preparing samples and taking rest breaks) between the measurements.

Analysis Example Diagram

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