EHF-E Series Electric-Hydraulic Dynamic and Fatigue Testing System

For Dynamic and Fatigue Testing of Various Materials and Small Parts

EHF-E/U Series

This is the standard electrohydraulic servo fatigue testing machine, offering outstanding stable performance. It is capable of carrying out tests ranging from static tests to fatigue tests.



For Dynamic and Fatigue Testing of Various Materials and Small Parts

This series features an E-type frame with a bottom-mounted actuator, which can satisfy a wide variety of dynamic and fatigue testing requirements, from fatigue testing of materials to evaluating the performance of components.


Dynamic Capacity Rating of Actuators 50 kN / 100 kN / 200 kN

This series is capable of static, dynamic, and fatigue testing of a wide range of materials, from plastics to aluminum, composites, and steel.


High Rigidity and Large Testing Space

The large testing space supports material fatigue testing in a high-temperature or thermostatically controlled environment, thermal fatigue testing, fracture toughness evaluation, component performance and endurance testing, and so on. Accessories for respective tests are available. These include grips, compression plates, extensometers, and testing environmental control systems.


Dual-Stage Crosshead Drive Mechanism

The hydraulic crosshead drive and hydraulic clamp can be operated more intuitively using handles.
This dual-stage configuration helps prevent operating errors and accidents.


EHF-E Series Servopulser Servo Dynamic Systems Features Diagram

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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