EMT Series Electromagnetic Force Dynamic and Fatigue Testing System

Allows Long Stroke Lengths and Fast and Highly Accurate Testing in a Clean Environment

Electromagnetic Fatigue and Endurance Testing Systems EMT Series

High-speed repeated load tests can be carried out with a maximum velocity of 2 m/s, and maximum stroke of ±50 mm, using clean and quiet electromagnetic force as the driving power, without the use of oil. The test space is large so environmental tests can also be carried out using the constant temperature tank (option).

Fatigue and Endurance Testing Machine with Direct Electrically Powered Actuator


Environmentally Friendly

  • Actuating the system directly with electricity makes it highly efficient.
  • Generates no waste oil, which can have a large environmental load.
  • The instrument provides a clean site environment and does not contaminate the surrounding area.

Fast, Large Movements

  • Capable of sine wave cycle testing at speeds up to 2 m/s.
  • Offers stroke lengths up to ±50 mm.
  • Allows ±20 µm displacement amplitude at 200 Hz frequencies.

Low operating costs minimize overall cost

  • Uses as little power as possible to allow continuing tests with no waste.
  • Requires no hydraulic oil, filters, or other consumables.

Offers highly precise measurement and control, outstanding operability, and clever functions

  • Allows 24-bit rangeless, high-resolution test force measurement and control.
  • Offers full digital control for autotuning control parameters and waveform correction.
  • Allows performing offset load tests with high precision.
  • Allows contact tests.
  • Includes a specialized interactive controller that interacts via a color LCD screen and touch panel.
  • The testing space (vertical direction) is changed electrically, making operation easy.

Allows Long Stroke Lengths and Fast and Highly Accurate Testing in a Clean Environment

EMT 1kN Frame

High-Rigidity Frame

A very rigid loading frame is used that is resistant to resonance is used

Large Testing Table

A larger test table allows testing of large samples.
Lifting/lowering the crosshead can provide a testing space large enough to install a thermostatic chamber.

Capable of ±20 µm Displacement Cycles at a 200 Hz Frequency

Fatigue tests can be done at high frequency, which can significantly reduce the overall testing time. 

EMT 5kN Frame
Displacement Cycles at 200 Hz

Achieves Stroke Lnegths from 0 to 100 mm (±50 mm)


The system can be used for large-displacement and high-speed fatigue testing of rubbers. It also supports tensile and compression testing. 

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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