NJ-SERVO Electric Motor Driven Actuator

Motorize a Variety of Endurance Testing Systems


The NJ-SERVO electric motor driven actuator utilizes an electric motor drive system. High accuracy test control is enabled by a special servo motor and stroke displacement measurement sensor. In addition, the system configuration is simpler in comparison to hydraulic actuators, so it is easy to maintain, and achieves power savings and space savings.

This system accommodates a wide range of tests with a high degree of expandability. This includes everything from endurance evaluations of the main body and assemblies of automobiles, aircrafts, and other transportation equipment to endurance evaluations of stand-alone parts; from multi-axis tests combining multiple actuators to uniaxial tests; and from sine waves to working waveform simulation tests.


NJ SERVO Features Icons

NJ SERVO Features Diagram

The Performance Required for Endurance Tests —High Accuracy, High Speed, and Stable Control—

The same test force capacity is guaranteed in static tests and dynamic tests.

The system accommodates everything from static to dynamic tests across the full actuator capacity range. The test conditions can be set as you wish.

High speed tests at up to 72 cm/sec are supported.

High speed control is achieved at 72 cm/sec in single wave tests and 50 m/sec in continuous endurance tests. It can be applied to a variety of tests at low to high speeds.

The system achieves high peak reproducibility, and high accuracy measurement and control.

High accuracy measurements are achieved thanks to the built in stroke sensor and a special load cell for dynamic testing. High stability test peaks are achieved thanks to the high response control of the 4830 controller.

Power Savings of Approximately 75 % —Power Savings and Eco-Friendly Operation—
Power Savings of Approximately 75 %

The electric motor driven actuator only uses the power output required for each test, so power consumption is substantially reduced in comparison to hydraulic actuators with similar specifications. If a 10 kN system is used, power consumption can be reduced approximately 75 %, and CO2 emissions can be reduced approximately 305 kg.

  • When implementing 7 day testing with a displacement of ±40 mm and a test force of ±2.3 kN
  • Power conversion factor: 0.378 kg-CO2/kWh
  • During actual use, power consumption will differ depending on the installation conditions and the room temperature.
Labor-Saving System Changes —Space Savings and Minimum Maintenance Required—

The electric motor driven actuator can be driven solely by a servo amplifier anda controller.
In contrast to a hydraulic type testing system, thick hydraulic hoses and a hydraulic power supply are not necessary. This saves on space, makes the system easy to move, and simplifies testing system changes. Naturally, it is motor driven, so there is no need for periodic replacement of hydraulic oil, and hydraulic servo valve overhauls are not required.

Basic System
Electric jack unit (Option: Bracket mount and frame)
+ Servo amplifier
+ 4830 controller (Option: Software)

Basic System Configuration
High Reliability and Ease of Use. Supporting Multi ple and Synchronized Tests —Expanded Testing via a High Performance Controller—

Easier, More Convenient, and More Sophisticated

Thanks to highly responsive control and accurate waveform reproducibility, loads can be applied to products with high accuracy input waveforms.
Thanks to stable waveform input, the system is capable of endurance testing with high accuracy and high reproducibility, and the evaluation of slight differences in product performance.

-Capable of More Complicated Control and Storage of Test Results Thanks to a Variety of Software Programs-

Variety of Software Programs


Model NJ-5kNV-100 NJ-10kNV-100
Test Force Dynamic ±5 kN ±10 kN
Static ±5 kN ±10 kN
Stroke (Full stroke) ±100 mm
(200 mm)
±100 mm
(200 mm)
Max. Speed

Single wave: 72 cm/sec (unloaded)

Continuous: 50 cm/sec (unloaded, sine wave)

Sensor Indicator
Test Force ±0.5 % indicated value, or ±0.02 % of the load cell rating, whichever is larger
Stroke ±1 % indicated value, or ±0.1 % of the rating, whichever is larger
Unit Size
L0 1080 mm 1260 mm
L1 730 mm 750 mm
(Center Location)
140 mm 140 mm
Amplifier Size
W x H x D 700 x 715 x 552 mm 700 x 1250 x 350 mm
Weight Approx. 70 kg Approx. 110 kg
Power Requirements 3-phase 200 V, 7 kVA
Single-phase 100 V, 1.5 kVA
3-phase 200 V, 12 kVA
Single-phase 100 V, 1.5 kVA
Compatible Controllers Servo Controller 4830
Amplitude Characteristics See amplitude characteristics diagrams.

Appearance of the Unit

5 kN Unit Dimensions

5 kN Unit

10 kN Unit Dimensions

10 kN Unit

 Eco-Products Plus

This product is certified as Shimadzu's Eco-Products Plus.
Reduced power consumption by 78% compared with conventional Shimadzu's products.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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