RF-6000 Spectrofluorophotometer

The ultimate performance for a diverse range of customers' measurement needs

New LabSolutions RF software makes it easy for anyone to perform measurements.

LabSolutions RF software was developed to be easy for anyone to understand and operate. From measurement to analysis, printing, and saving processes, windows are laid out in an easy-to-understand manner, which ensures that measurements can be performed easily. All measurement programs feature the same main toolbar, menu, measurement toolbar, tree view, and log window con€guration, so that each program can be operated in the same manner. This means the same operations can be used to operate all the specialized fuorescence analysis programs.

Large Sample Compartment for all your analytical needs

A larger sample compartment allows for mounting a 100 mm diameter integrating sphere unit.

larger sample compartment

The sample compartment size has been significantly increased, making it easier to place samples.

Extensive Selection of Accessories

Integrating Sphere Unit

Integrating Sphere Unit

Used in combination with the dedicated application function for LabSolutions RF to determine the fluorescence quantum yield and fluorescence quantum efficiency.

Samples Liquids, solids, or powders
Internal diameter of integrating sphere 100 mm
Integrating sphere material Spectralon
Max. sample size W12.5 x H45 x T12.5 mm
Measurement wavelength range 200 to 900 nm

Ultra Micro Cell Holder Unit

Ultra Micro Cell Holder Unit

This ultra micro cell holder unit allows sample quantities of only a few tens of microliters to be measured. It uses a commercial micro cell.

Standard contents
・ Ultra micro cell holder

Available micro cell
• Hellma Cat. No. 105.250-QS-15 (Min. sample amount 100 μL)
• Hellma Cat. No. 105.251-QS-15 (Min. sample amount 40 μL)

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