AIM-9000 FTIR Microscope

Automated AIM-9000 Infrared Microscope Allows Performing All Steps in Micro Analysis Quickly and Easily

ATR Objective (slide-on type) Ge prism: P/N 206-32600-41

The ATR objective uses a cone-type prism, with single reflection, 15× magnification and a 45-degree incident angle. The slide-on type prism makes it easy to switch back and forth between visible observation and infrared measurement. This ATR objective is especially effective in analyzing samples that do not transmit or reflect infrared light easily, such as paper and plastics, or extremely thin film, such as stains.

ATR Objective (slide-on type)

ATR Pressure Sensor P/N 206-32603-41

ATR pressure sensor

This pressure sensor prevents prism damage due to excessive pressures applied during ATR measurements using an ATR objective. It can also be used to automatical ATR measurement with pressure sensing.

Grazing Angle Objective (GAO) P/N 206-32602-41

The Grazing angle objective with 80-degree incident angle is effective for measurement of organic thin film with nm level on metal substrate. In case of failure analysis, this objective is useful for measurement of samples on the concave surfaces or stains on metal surface.

Grazing Angle Objective

TGS Detector P/N 206-32580-41

TGS Detector

By adding this TGS detector to an AIM-9000 infrared microscope, infrared spectra can be obtained without liquid nitrogen. It is also possible to switch back and forth between the MCT and TGS detectors for measurements as needed. The TGS detector offers a wider wavenumber range (up to 400 cm-1) than the MCT detector, but with lower sensitivity. Therefore, the MCT detector is used to measure micro samples less than 100 µm.

Diamond Cell CII P/N 208-92289-01

Diamond Cell CII

This diamond compression cell is used to compress micro samples very thin for direct measurement under the microscope. It can be used for samples such as plastics and fibers. This CII cell features a large thin window plate made of artificial diamond (1.6 mm diameter). A type-B cell that uses natural diamond is also available.

Infrared Polarizer P/N 206-32605-41

This accessory is useful for researching the orientation characteristics of samples, or increasing sensitivity with Grazing Angle Objective measurements. The infrared polarizer can be used by inserting it into the microscope from the side.

Visible Polarizer P/N 206-32540-41

This accessory is useful for visible observation of samples that are normally difficult to observe using visible light.
Using the properties of polarized light can make samples easier to see.

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