AIM-9000 Infrared Microscope

A macro view on micro analysis

Load Sample

Loading Samples Is Easy

Pressing the [Eject Sample] button makes it easy to load and remove samples by automatically lowering the stage and switching the objectives to expand space. Furthermore, the lower Condenser mirror can be removed to enable reflectance/ATR measurements of samples up to 40 mm thick.

Look for the Item to Be Measured

Quickly Determine the Measurement Position - Wide-Field Camera* and Microscope Camera -

Quickly Determine the Measurement Position

Golden contamination adherent on metal plate

Shimadzu's proprietary wide-field camera and microscope camera help observe samples efficiently. In addition to observing a large area up to 10 x 13 mm, the wide-field camera also supports variable digital zooming. Furthermore, by sharing positional information with the microscope camera, it achieves a digital zoom function capable of zooming to a magnification of about 330x for observing extremely small areas as small as 30 x 40 µm. (The microscope camera supports variable digital zoom magnifications up to 10x.)

* The wide-field camera (P/N 206-32605-41) is optional.

Determine Where to Measure, and Measure Automatically

Automatically Determine Measurement Positions - Automatic Contaminant Recognition System -

A function that automatically recognizes contaminants is included standard. The analyst simply clicks one button and the software automatically recognizes the contaminant. It even determines the optimal aperture size and angle in only one second. Two models are available: the standard model and a model optimized for extremely small areas. Users can choose the best model for their application. The automatically determined measurement positions can either be measured without editing or the analyst can add or delete measurement positions. Sample images are stored into the measured spectra automatically. The sample and measurement positions can be easily identified later.

standard function


micro function


Identify the Cause of Failures

Automatic Identification of Contaminants - Contaminant Analysis Program -

The contaminante analysis program-the functionality for automatically qualifying contaminants is included as a standard feature in LabSolutions IR software. Measured spectra using AIMsolution can be loaded directly into LabSolutions IR and analyzed. The contaminant analysis program identifies measured contaminants with high precision using a spectral library for substances commonly detected as contaminants in combination with Shimadzu's proprietary identification algorithm (patent pending).

Contaminant Analysis Program Features


It includes spectra for over 550 inorganic substances, organic substances, and polymers commonly detected in contaminant analysis.

search for spectra

Searching for spectra, determining matches, and preparing reports are all automated.

spectral characteristics

It not only searches for spectra, but it also applies a special algorithm focused on spectral characteristics.

search for primary and secondary components

Even for contaminants that are mixtures, it searches for primary and secondary components and also displays the probability of candidate substances.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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