EDXIR-Analysis Contaminant Finder/Material Inspector

Integrated Analysis of Contaminant Data

To perform qualitative analysis automatically, simply click "Analyze Both Data" and select the EDX/FTIR data *1. This heightens the efficiency of data analysis and provides strong support for contaminant analysis.

Flowchart of integrated data analysis


Flowchart of Integrated Data Analysis in Detail In addition to a list of hits, the integrated data analysis results show EDX profiles and FTIR spectra found as hits from the library. If the user wishes to browse the respective data analysis results, they can be checked by clicking "Single". Clicking the "Print" button prints the results in a fixed format and also saves them in Word format *2.

*1: Using the EDX profile, data are classified as inorganic, organic, and mixture. Integrated data analysis is performed by applying priority levels to each classification. (Patent pending)

*2: Microsoft Word must first be installed.


Analysis of Black Rubber Contaminant

Flowchart of analysis of black rubber contaminant


The examples here show an integrated analysis of black rubber contaminant data acquired and a data comparison for a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) examination object and the standard product. From the integrated data analysis results, it is evident that the black rubber contaminant is acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR), which contains calcium carbonate and zinc stearate.

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