GCMS-QP2010 SE Single Quadrupole GC-MS

GCMS-QP2010SE Single Quadrupole GC-MS

The Shimadzu single quadrupole GCMS-QP2010SE gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer offers reliable, cost-effective productivity for the most challenging laboratory analyses, such as environmental and energy.



  • A front-opening ion source chamber minimizes downtime by allowing maintenance to be performed quickly from the front of the instrument
  • Routine analyses are fully automated using a range of sample introduction techniques, including large-volume and temperature-programmable injections, direct insertion probe, headspace, purge-and-trap, and others
  • Robust single turbomolecular pump system that allows for twin-line configurations, helping your lab to maximize efficiency
  • Ecology mode reduces costs associated with power and carrier gas consumption when the instrument is in standby

GCMS-QP2010SE - less downtime, greater productivity

The GCMS-QP2010 SE has the versatile functionality and robust, simple operation necessary for laboratories performing many types of analyses. The GCMS-QP2010 SE is compatible with column flows up to 4 mL/minute (He), has pre-rods to reduce contamination of the mass filter, scan at speeds up to 10,000 u/second, and includes three operation modes: scan, SIM, and scan/SIM. The ion source is equipped with an automatic-switching dual filament to minimize maintenance. The Shimadzu single quadrupole GCMS-QP2010 SE gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer offers reliable, cost-effective productivity for the most challenging laboratory analyses. The GCMS-QP2010 SE can be used in conjunction with many different spectral library programs like NIST, Wiley, and others. This GCMS is cost-effective while still maintaining the versatility and robustness necessary to keep running even in a high-throughput environment.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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