Hydrogen Gas Safety - GC Parts

The gas chromatograph parts differ according to whether hydrogen or some other gas is used. Consult your Shimadzu representative when selecting parts.

Pressure regulator valves are available for nitrogen/argon, hydrogen, or helium.

gas regulator
The photograph shows a cylinder-connected type.

Gas tubes are available with a left-hand thread for hydrogen. Gas tubes are available according to the gas type and position.

Stable Hydrogen Gas Supply Source A9150-100 Hydrogen Gas Generator

A9150-100 hydrogen gas generator

Provides a stable hydrogen gas supply instead of a gas cylinder

A hydrogen gas generator provides a much more stable gas supply than a gas cylinder.
As hydrogen is generated by the electrolysis of water, the set flow rate is not exceeded if a gas leak occurs. A hydrogen gas generator eliminates the need for dangerous and expensive hydrogen gas cylinders.
A single hydrogen gas generator can supply high-purity (99.995 %) hydrogen gas to a gas chromatograph at a flow rate of up to 160 mL/min. The device has CSA, UL, IEC, and CE Mark certification for laboratory use.

For more details, contact your Shimadzu sales representative.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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