CFT-100/500 EX Flowtester

Precision measurements of melt flow rate, shear rate, and viscosity

CFT-100/500 EX Flowtester


The CFT-EX software presents an intuitive and elegant interface for setting up runs and monitoring real-time results. Instead of having to click through multiple setup windows, all fields and information needed to configure and perform experiments are presented on a single window. Parameters for either constant temperature or heating rate runs can entered on the left side of the window. Measurements can be started or stopped either from the software buttons or from the instrument itself.

Stroke vs. time is reported in the main window for easy visualization of results as your sample is running. Upon finishing the run, the software automatically populates a table of test results to give the flow rate, shear rate, shear stress, viscosity, position, and melt flow rate.

CFT-EX Software Screen Layout

Detailed post-run analysis can be performed off-line by recalculating stroke positions or temperature ranges to see how relevant parameters vary over the course of the run. Parameters such as viscosity, shear stress, and shear rate can also be graphed as a function of time and temperature. Advanced analyses that take into account pressure losses at the die entrance and exit can be determined using a viscosity correction algorithm based on the Bagley correction.

CFT-EX Software Post-run Analysis

CFT-EX Software Graphs

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