HMV-G Series Micro Vickers Hardness Testers

HMV-G31 Series and HMV-G30 Series Specifications Table

*1) An arbitrary test force can be configured in the range of 9.807 mN to 19.61 N, in increments of the minimum 9.807 mN (HV 0.001).
*2) When performing tests with the retention time set to 60 seconds or longer, turn ON the instrument at least 30 minutes before starting the test.
*3) The width of open space in the instrument’s depth direction is approximately 140 mm.
When testing samples with a width of 120 mm or less and a depth of 175 mm or more, give consideration to the required movement range of the XY stage, and ensure that the width of the open space is not exceeded.
Ensure that the shape of the sample is such that it is stable when placed on the XY stage.
*4) The Knoop indenter, Brinell indenter and triangular pyramidal indenter are optional. The Brinell hardness and triangular pyramidal hardness are only read in manually.

HMV-G31-FA and HMV-G31-XY (HMV-G31 + Electric XY Stage) Specifications Table

*5) The direct length reading is only available with HMV-G30 series.
*6) Depth of hardening graphs can only be displayed when the digital micrometer (optionally available) is used.
*7) The set items with the PC provided by Shimadzu is recommended.
*8) Another USB 2.0 or 3.0 port must be added if using the electric micrometer kit.
Connect the electric micrometer kit to a USB 2.0 port when using it with a color camera type unit.

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