Hyper Vision HPV-X2 Ultra-High-Speed Video Camera

Ultra-high-speed Video Recording of Up to 10 Million FPS

Application: Semiconductor Fields

Application: Semiconductor Fields
  • The behavior of plasma in plasma generators
  • Observation of the failure process of semiconductor devices

Ultra-high-speed cameras are used for failure mode analysis, including observations of the moment of destruction of the insulating film on the semiconductor devices.

Dielectric breakdown of the semiconductor device

Dielectric breakdown of MOS (Metal - Oxide - Silicon, the basis of semiconductor integrated circuit) device is observed. The breakdown process is captured in which the thin-film metal electrode is going to peel from the oxide film while emits a flash.
(Provided by the Sugawa Kuroda Laboratory at Tohoku University)

Recording speed: 1 million frames/second
Width of field of view: Approx. 0.8 mm

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