Shimadzu LC Driver for Chromeleon™ 6.8

Seamless control of Shimadzu LC

Creation and modification of instrument control programs

For Shimadzu instrument control parameters, instrument program creation and modification are possible. The screen layout for Shimadzu instrument control is the same as that of the standard Chromeleon Program Editor screen, and the created programs are stored as standard Chromeleon program files. A control parameter report can be output by Chromeleon.

Program Editor screen and Instrument parameter report output example

Program Editor Screen and Instrument Parameter Report Output Example

Direct control and instrument status monitoring

Column oven ON/OFF and autosampler purge/rinse can be directly controlled from Chromeleon. Instrument status, including pump pressure and oven temperature, can be monitored. Auto-purging before analysis and system check for instrument consumable parts usage are also possible.

Control panel screen

Control Panel Screen

Connected instrument configuration checking

A connected instrument configuration can be checked on Chromeleon, which displays instrument serial numbers and ROM versions so that instrument management is easier. Values for usage of major consumable parts, such as total volume pumped for the plunger seal, also can be checked.

System Configuration and Consumables screens

System Configuration and Consumables Screens

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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